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Vision Mission Values


Christ Covenant Fellowship exists to make disciples who are deeply devoted to the glory of God and one another.


Fulfill the great commission by equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.


As a church family, our values are the distinct qualities by which we want to be known. As Christians, the first and foremost identifier is always found in following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Still, we believe it is essential to define our understanding of what being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ means and how it plays out in our church family's life. Hence our commitment to our distinct values. 


Here is a brief overview of each of our four values:



CCF defines doctrine as "A summary of Biblical teaching that is both faithful to the full counsel of God's Word and useful for life." We believe that right thinking leads to right living. Consequently, the only way to develop "right thinking" is to submit ourselves to the Bible's instruction in all matters. Doctrine is our foundation, and as a church, we are unapologetically committed to the truths found in God's Word. 




CCF defines discipleship as "Following and learning the commands of Jesus while teaching others to do the same." We aim to make disciples who make disciples, as we follow the commands of our Lord. Discipleship is our main "program" or "method" of church growth. We believe committed relationships that help us grow in Christlikeness are the most effective way to strengthen our faith and witness to others. 




CCF defines devotion as "A sincere commitment to the spiritual and physical needs of one another for the glory of God." In John 13:35, Jesus told his disciples that their love for one another would be how the world recognized they were His followers. This is still true today. Hence, we believe devotion within our church family is essential and the natural response to following Jesus. 




CCF defines deployment as "The Christian's call to gospel action in all areas of life." The Bible commands followers of Jesus to live a lifestyle committed to making his name known. Deployment plays out anywhere we naturally find ourselves individually (homes, communities, jobs, etc.). It should also be an intentional focus in the church's life as we endeavor to plant churches and send missionaries. We believe that deployment is the natural result of prioritizing the values listed above. 

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